Enabling a Global Supply Chain Ecosystem

Goodpack delivers value through efficient suplly chain solutions, a global network and smart returnable containers.

Supply Chain Solutions

Goodpack is leveraging its history as an innovator in packaging and storing some of the world’s most challenging payloads to enable and support the development of the supply chain ecosystem of today – and of the future.

Through partnerships and networking, Goodpack delivers end-to-end solutions that ensure visibility and control of assets as they make their way around the world to service and support its customer’s goals.

Global industries are rapidly adopting digital solutions to optimize operations, lower costs and reduce their environmental impact. Goodpack solutions support these goals and focus on providing targeted solutions to address each of these requirements.

Goodpack’s patented metal intermediate size containers are collapsible and stackable. Constructed to ensure protection against harsh conditions and contamination, they are quick, easy and safe to set up by a single individual.

Goodpack in Short

  • 4 million returnable containers

  • 6 million annual movements

  • 8 million payload tons moved annually

  • 4,800 global delivery and collection points

  • 22 regional offices

  • 31 countries with operational depots

  • headquarters in Singapore