Your digital journey may be slow but standing still is not an option

Are Saarinen,  Cloudia, CEO

Are Saarinen, Cloudia, CEO

If you’re managing procurement in today’s technology environment, your challenges will be complex and many. For most, your digital journey still lies ahead, while ‘born digital’ companies are adopting new technologies at speed, leaving late adopters behind. But digital procurement need not be a challenge. We see it as your greatest means for success.

Every journey starts with a single step. First, we must admit that in today’s hectic business world we all need partners to succeed. When choosing the right partner, I think we all want to work with people we can trust. And people who have experience and results to show for it. Don`t concentrate on promises but the facts. In digitalization, words come easy but realizing them is another thing. Demand proof and references, it`s your right as a customer.

At Cloudia, we know what lies ahead for you and how to help you stay ahead of the competition. We believe in showing rather than telling. That’s because the best e-procurement and contract management solutions are built with a deep understanding of the daily life of procurement professionals in mind; and through a dedication to achieving greater business impact and driving revenues. This committed approach has made us one of the leading e-procurement, supplier management and contract lifecycle management solution providers in the world today.

We can work with you to transform your business, but it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Cloudia procurement solutions have been developed for a digital journey that is gradual and effective. The most important thing is to take the first step. Then to invoke the old proverb: don’t be afraid of going slowly be afraid only of standing still.

- Are Saarinen Cloudia CEO

Our customers achieve significant savings

Apartment block renovation tendering in City of Helsinki:

“We compared the result with the cost estimate and found that we had achieved savings of way over three million euros, so we can be very satisfied with that.”

Mika Nieminen, Project Engineer, City of Helsinki


North Karelia saved hundreds of thousands of euros with the online auction

”We achieved more than half a million euros saving in the procurement for office multifunction devices.”

Mika Purmonen, Procurement Manager, City of Joensuu


The City of Helsinki has saved millions of euros using the online auction

”The auction only took a few hours and achieved a saving in excess of two million euros for the contractual term”

Kari Gröndahl, Development Manager at City of Helsinki


Reductions in workload and tendering time have brought about significant savings

Savings in time and workload at the Construction Service Unit were achieved using Cloudia services. The most distinct and largest savings are related to tender processing and comparison.

Liisa Katajala, Project Director, City of Helsinki

About us

Cloudia is a global provider of digital procurement process performance solutions. Consistent growth of +50% for the past 4 years indicate our excellence in the business. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes data security certified and easy-to-use solutions for both strategic and operational aspects of procurement – eSourcing, Contract Management and Supplier Management. Furthermore, we provide a digital marketplace intended for suppliers and buyers to network, where the annual procurement volume exceeds EUR 20 billion. Cloudia’s dynamic, cloud-based services help companies respond to the challenges of the information age and to make use of the growing amount of data simply and effectively. Our services can be produced using Equinix data centers, on five continents and using over 180 nodes.

Our solutions:

  • Cloudia Planning

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  • Cloudia Supplier Management

  • Cloudia Marketplace